Sunday, September 22, 2013

I am writing this as of 2:26 AM. I am still awake because of an unexpected thing that happened two hours ago. I was already asleep, my roommate came knocking, and I opened the door. I was back again at my bed when suddenly I heard a loud sound. Then another one. Third one and so on. Me and my roommate were panicking already. Four or five gunshots at 12:00-12:20 AM. And it felt just across the street. At first I thought it was probably a firework. But it's not. My roommate also said that it's not. It's a gunshot. She already heard one before. This, I say, is one of the scariest experiences in my life.

Nervous and all but we managed to check the lock of our doors, turned off the light, and went at the farthest corner from the door. I could feel my heart beating fast. With all the news of brutal murders and robbery here in the Philippines, I was thinking and hoping that we would not be victims of such. We're both scared. Scared for our lives and the lives of people outside. She's also worried about her friend who accompanied her on her way to the dorm. Good thing her friend was safe and he also said that he heard the gunshots.

We also went to the other room (thru the backdoor) and told our dormmates to double check if their front door is locked and to not go out. They also heard everything. We went back again to our room and just stayed at one corner. We're both saying our prayers and analyzing what could have happened. In my mind, I was asking God to keep us safe. We didn't have any weapon if someone comes inside. There's no way we could defend ourselves.

Thankfully, no one went inside our dorm.

And right now I'm hoping those gunshots didn't cost a life.

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