Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's never too late to learn something

I'm not a sporty type of girl. Ever since I was a kid, I never joined any games/sports competition. I was one of those thin, weak, easy-to-get-sick type of kids. I even considered PE as the worst subject. My childhood was kind of spent in a physically inactive state. Poor me! But I was still the typical child who wants to play with other kids; chinese garter, play-and-tag, agawan base, kablit unggoy were some of the games we played in the school grounds or in the street in front of our houses. I guess I just wasn't inclined into sports. But in high school, I was forced to play some sports because it's required in PE. I did volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and even basketball. I wasn't the best but I must say I did okay (uhm maybe nearly good? hehe)  and enjoyed volleyball, badminton, and table tennis but basketball isn't my thing. College came and viola, since students can choose their PE subjects, I picked the easy ones: Stretching, Asian Dance, and Philippine Games. Yeah, I did not have a single sports class. But one thing that I really wanted to learn was swimming. Guess what? I first learned how to swim two years ago. I was twenty three years old. Maybe the saying It's never too late to learn something is true after all.

And now, I've decided to enroll once again in a swimming class. I'm very lucky because KNU's swimming classes are not very expensive. Last summer I also joined some swimming classes: Level 1 (for beginners) and Level 2 (intermediate). But I wasn't able to finish Level 2 so now I'm going to continue it. Teehee!
my swimming stuff, all set
My schedule is every Tuesday and Thurday (one hour each). I was absent last week so I had my first session this week. Good thing everything went well. We started swimming with a kick board, then the freestyle stroke, which I still need to practice more (especially the breathing part), and the back float, which I couldn't do last year but now I'm starting to learn it.

And in just a few hours, I'll be heading to the pool for my the second session. Uhm, I'm kind of nervous. Waaah! But as Samunim told me the other day, "Fighting!!!"

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