Friday, June 29, 2012

Sixteen months and counting

One of the best things about having a blog is that you can go back to the memories you have written, be it yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, or even several years ago. And yes, I suddenly thought of checking what I wrote a year ago.

This was my first entry for June 2011, Four months and counting. If I'm going to rewrite the title now, it's going to be "Sixteen months and counting" (which I just did). Time's so fast! It's been sixteen months already since I arrived here. Digging in to that blog entry, I listed the things that I must do in the remaining one year and eight months and now I already got through that one year. So, here's the list and let's see what I've done:

  • explore other parts of South Korea by having some out-of-town trips once a month
Explore it is! I feel like Dora the Explorer! Haha! So far, so good! I've explored many places within and outside Daegu. Daegu: Herb Hillz, Palgongsan, Daegu Stadium, Apsan, Downtown shops, areas around the university, Chilgok. South Korea: Juwangsan, Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Ulsan, Busan, Yeosu, Seoul. Yey! More places to explore!

  • do some sports, swimming on top of the list for the month of July
I did swimming last year and now I'm also doing it. Level 3 for the month of July. But I'm still having difficulty in freestyle, especially the breathing part so good luck to me. (This reminds me that I should go to the pool tomorrow morning for some practice.)

  • meet new friends, be it Korean or other foreigners
Well, I got to meet new friends although not that many I should say. Foreigners which aren't Koreans, I got to meet them in my Korean Language classes. But the one foreigner that I got really close to was Aurora. She's just so much fun to be with. And last year, we're like this. For the Korean friends, aside from the undergraduates in our lab (YongGu, SunUk, GyuTae, SoonHyuk, YeonJin, BuBae, EunShil, ISeul, WonCheol, KunTae, XiaoHan), I also got to know the other undergraduates from other labs, (EunHae, RaamI, Miri, EunByeol, NamU, HyunJin, HwaCheon, etc.)

  • update my blog regularly by posting once a week
This is difficult! Really, really difficult, especially if the busy schedule doesn't permit me to write and there aren't any special things or things worthy to be written. But at least I'm able to post every month. Haha! I guess that would do.

  • start managing my finances well and allot part of my allowance for savings
Another difficult thing. My finances keep on growing, but the savings? Oh savings, where art thou? Must really be serious in saving some money. 

  • go to Forever21 in Seoul
Wasn't able to do this when I went to Seoul. Maybe next time. But fact is, I am not so excited with Forever21 anymore because I am already loving the shops in downtown. 

  • discover more stores and best buys in downtown
Speaking of downtown. Yes I did! I can be a tour guide already, I mean a shopper's guide, to anyone who wants to shop in downtown!

  • have a glimpse of Korean Fashion Week
This, I haven't and still don't know how to get to.

  • be an English tutor to Korean kids
Yay! Finally, finally! Even as a kid, I know I'm not into teaching but last May I took the plunge. I am teaching two sets of students. The first is a sibling tandem, older sister and younger brother, and the second is a mother and a daughter. Well, they're not really kids but what's important is I enjoy teaching them.

So there, I got 5 out 9. Not bad! This weekend, if I find time to reflect, I might be able to make a new set of list again. Hmmm. =)

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