Monday, June 18, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane

Today I am just so happy for my friend. He finally got the stamp of approval for his US visa! Yey! And in just a few days, he'll be heading to Missouri for his internship. A few months back, he was just mentioning it to me, like he's just planning to apply but now everything is all set, he'll just have to wait for his flight.

But in all these things, great effort and preparation was definitely involved. From the needed documents to passing the interview in the US embassy. The first interview didn't go well and he got the wrong documents. He was given another chance, a second interview. And last Friday, he showed me the questions and his answers and we both reviewed it. I gave him some points on how to improve this or that answer and told him to practice in front of a mirror and just be confident during the interview. He's interview was scheduled this afternoon. From Sunday until today (before learning that he passed the interview), I was kind of nervous on what the result will be. In my mind I was thinking He needs to pass because if not, what will happen? It's like everything will just be wasted. And thank God he passed the interview! Unfortunately, his friend didn't make it. That's a sad one. He's going to be the only one going to the US. But then again, he said it's okay; the fact that he's the only Korean with no other friend to talk to will enable him to speak English all the time.

Six months. He'll be staying in the US for six months. It's kind of long but time flies so before we know it, he's already coming back here in Korea. But I'm just not sure if I'll ever see him again because by that time, I am already finish with my Master's and will be returning to the Philippines. But I really do hope and pray we'll see each other again.

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