Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Day Well Spent

Started my day by going to church this morning. It felt good to be able to attend mass again. There's always something special about it. After mass, me and a friend went to Zara. Their Sale was still up, and the prices have gotten lower and lower! Nice. But I didn't buy anything because last Sunday I already bought a white trench coat that's on sale (in preparation for the coming autumn and winter seasons). The price was 100+thousand won but I got it for only 59 thousand won. How's that? Surely, it's a super win win! This time I just looked around and checked some items. Actually I love doing that - just looking around even though I'm not going to buy anything because it gives me a mental note on the things that I like so that next time it'll be easier to pick up my favorite item/s.  Well, it's a girl thing. I think it's what most girls do. Then after the "looking around" session, we had lunch in Burger King and I'm kind of loving their burgers already! Yummy! Having a full stomach means having a lot of energy. And this energy would be used in our downtown shops exploration. This part of downtown consists of shops after shops after shops. Shops are just everywhere!

We did our exploration in separate ways. And look what I found! Accessorize was also on Sale! 

The exploration was only up to 1hour because we still need to do our groceries. We've met again and while walking, this is what we saw. A funny, super tall clown! I even had a picture taken with him and  I felt like a little child beside him. Haha!

With all the walking, a rest was definitely needed.

And this little girl beside me was such a cutie! Look at her ribbon, blouse, skirt, and sandals. Such a fashionista!

Okay, it's a day well spent indeed. By the way, I got myself a new bag from Accessorize (for only 10 thousand won, the original price was 32 thousand won). I'm a fan of SALEs! 

P.S. I'm planning to do some outfit posts. I think this will do for now.
blouse-Red Girl (from PH)
pants-No Name (from KR)
shoes-Parisian, SM (from PH)

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