Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thoughts on My Birthday to Come

Even though my birthday is still several months away, I'm already thinking of how I'll celebrate it. It will be a special one because I'll be turning 25. An article I've read, Your 25th Birthday: An Important Halfway Point, perfectly explains the reason why the 25th birthday is different from our previous birthdays.
"By the 25th birthday most people expect to have accomplished something with their lives. There's only five more years until that big three-O and the average person usually hopes that they are well on their way by their 25th year. They'll have settled into a place of their own, a job and may even be starting a family all ready. Some new twenty-five year olds might be thinking that they want their party to be a little more grown-up, a little more sensible around this time."                                                   
Yes, being 25 entails one to live the life of a matured individual, matured in a sense that one has already accomplished or will soon-to-be accomplishing something in life. If I'm going to compare my life in the examples in the article, 

  1. they'll have settled into a place of their own  Me: not yet. Well, I'm even living temporarily in a far off place.
  2. have a job Me: I don't have a job. I'm back to being a student.
  3. may even be starting a family already Me: nope, I still have to look for my prince. 

So there, I'm kind of in the opposite side of the coin. But my mind right now is thinking of ways on how I'll celebrate that special day in my life. First option - partyin' in the G2 club. Since my birthday is going to be on a Wednesday, I'll be lucky because it means free drinks in G2. But is that type of celebration fitted to celebrate my 25 years of existence? Well, I don't think so. Second option - go somewhere else and do the Eat, Pray, and Love thing. Surely that is a better one. It's more like what matured individuals would do. And now, since my birthday is still far, I have the much needed time to decide on what place to go and to plan my EPL trip. =)           

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