Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I feel so down. So a great way to liven up my gloomy life is to think about that one guy who has been my ultimate ideal man since my first day in the university, and who still is up to now. My Marco. Actually he doesn't know it. We're not even close. We've met before but I doubt he still remembers me. It's as if we weren't meant to be. And even though there are some issues surrounding him, it doesn't matter. I still hope someday, somehow, we'll meet again, get to know each other, be friends, and who knows what will happen next? nah! But seriously, I really want to be friends with him. I admire this guy.

Since a girl can dream, here's mine. 

*Marco's pictures are from his fb account. Stalker much? I know right. Hehe.

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