Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy Sunday

It's a Sunday and it feels good to just lie here in my bed. All I want is to relax and to free my mind of stressful thoughts about my laboratory experiment and other personal matters. They're always giving me headache! Anyway, so to distress myself I browse the sites of my favorite fashion bloggers. They're all so so so stylish! And I just wonder how they're able to pull off any outfit in a very fashionable way. Another thing, I happen to see a pair of amazing sandals last weekend in Zara. I really wanted to have it but of course my budget doesn't permit me (first things first, need to allot a huge amount of money for my dormitory this coming semester, gaaah!). Actually it's the type of thing that you simply want to have, that you simply want to own because there's something special about it although I know I'll only be wearing it on special occasions or during parties.  And if ever I'll have it, it'll be my first ever super high-heeled sandal (4 inches).

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