Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Under the deep, blue sea, err, swimming pool

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I just had my first session of swimming lessons this afternoon and I never expected I would enjoy it because last week, when we checked the pool area and the people, I felt so nervous I nearly wanted to back-out. They all looked like professional swimmers. Their moves/strokes were smooth and I was kind of scared, thinking I'm no good compared to them. But then, since I already paid (I thought the fee is for the use of pool only, but it turned it is required to attend swimming lessons), I decided to just go and give it a try.  And now, I must say I'm so happy I stick with it. Although the instructor (by the way, he's cute!) was speaking only in Korean, it's good that he's also showing some demo. What to do's-and-what not to do's. And I'm also lucky I have a Korean swimmate who can speak English. When the instructor was done and before we do the steps on our own, she patiently explained to me and my friend what we should do. So there, it's a first day high! What we learned for today: (since we arrived late, I suppose they're already finished with the breathing/bubbling exercise) kicking and moving in the water without kicking hard, it's like just relaxing your body and just letting yourself move in the water. After our one-hour swimming lessons, we tried the spa pool and it's really very invigorating! It feels like someone is massaging your whole body! Love it! Then we tried the sauna. Whoa it's so hot but it also feels good. Definitely had a great day! =)

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